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Pixel Gun 3D hack

Today at our page you are about to receive one of the easiest, yet one of the most effective tools in the world. Pixel Gun 3D is a wonderful game that lets you play with your friends on your mobile phones. However, because of frequent shortages in currency, namely in gold and gems, you might be having problems with the gameplay. This is why I am providing you today with pixel gun 3d hack! The entire process of using this software is extremely easy. You simply launch it, enter your nickname, and then type values of resources you wish to receive!

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Bear in mind that in order for this pixel gun 3d hack apk to act correctly, it is important to insert realistic amount of gold coins. In this way you do not risk anything and you can enjoy pixel gun 3d coin hack for as long as you desire!


Facts About In-Game Currencies And Pixel Gun 3D Hack:

  • Coins as standard currency – This is the most important element of the game. Thanks to that you are able to purchase almost any item in Pixel Gun 3D. Of course if you decide to use pixel gun 3d hack tool, you will receive an access to infinite amounts.
  • New ways of earning cash – As we progress further into the game, we receive more and more coins. What is more, there are even special locations, where larger stashes of coins are available.
  • Gems as premium currency- Besides typical items such as skins, weapons, pets or other gadgets, you can also unlock extremely powerful accessories. The equipment and weapons you get via Gems are unique and much more powerful than the ones you can buy with standard currency, namely coins. Gems are uncommon and in many cases it is difficult to get larger quantities. You can, for example, earn gems by watching ads, play as long as you finally complete some achievements, or simply purchase them. Another option is to simply use Pixel Gun 3D hack generator that we offer.
  • Buttons as an extra currency – Although we can store buttons like coins or gems, it is not a normal currency. We use it only to one particular purpose, and it is to open event chests. There are special events and matches that let you acquire buttons. However, if in need, you can also get them thanks to pixel gun 3d hack apk.
  • Tickets as the last currency – Tickets, just like buttons, coins or gems, are the currency in Pixel Gun 3D. They are available only if you spend gems on them. Thanks to tickets, it is possible to join special game modes. Besides purchasing them with your gems, you can also obtain tickets from Lucky Chests. There is even a small chance to get them via AD video.


Tips and tricks can be used in Pixel Gun 3D

7 Basic pixel gun tips

  • Always keep your fingers on bombs as well as weapons. This is the only way to survive in this world. Make sure that you constantly shoot to monsters.
  • There are special bonuses that allow you to kill monsters instantly. Make sure you get them as frequent as it is possible.
  • Keep moving – you cannot camp in this game. In such cases you will quickly get overrun by zombies and die.
  • The more difficult the game is, the more coins you receive. That is why “hard” difficult level gives you much more coins than any other level. Tasks usually take a lot of time. If you want to speed up the process of getting coins, you can always use pixel gun 3d online hack.
  • Always pay attention to the map while playing Deatchmatch game mode. If you kill someone and do not hide, they will know your location. The same thing applies the other way around.
  • Always look for players who are distracted with other players. If, for example, you join a 1v1 duel, then you can easily get two kills instead of one.

How to earn stars?

Get all three goals in every level. You can do this by killing all the monsters in a short period of time. What is more, you need to do that without taking any damage. Keep in mind that the amount of stars you get is not influenced by the difficulty level.

Details on countless weapons

Free Starter Weapons include:

  • Shotgun – great for close combat;
  • Machine gun – high fire rate with quite good capacity and mobility;
  • Pixel gun – low damage but fast reload;
  • Combat knife – good mobility but rather low damage with quick attacks;
  • Sniper rifle – very low fire rate but high damage;
  • Light wooden armor – great choice that keeps you safe from projectiles.

How to acquire the different armors!

You can get many different armours. The requirement is an appropriate level and upgrade path of the armour that you owned.

It means that if you want Iron, then you need to upgrade wooden armour you own and have level 2. For Golden armour, you have to have Iron armour upgraded as well as level 12. Crystal armour requires level 17 and iron armour. Ruby armour, on the other hand, needs level 22 and upgraded crystal armour. The last and the most powerful armour is Intransigent armour, and we need level 27 and upgraded crystal ruby armour.

It is also worth to note that we can unlock new weapons as we level up. At the beginning, when we reach level 2, we will unlock simple flamethrower and signal pistols. Of course later on we will be able to purchase and use hundreds of other arms.

Tips for the use of different weapons

Choose weapons in accordance with your playstyle and the environment, which you find yourself in. Use combat knives or shotguns if you play at close range quite frequently. If; however, you care about the mobility and the speed of fire, choose pixel guns or machine guns.

Moreover, we should bear in mind that at close combat we could use simple flamethrower. However, later on, there will be a lot of players that will own much more powerful weapons and armours. That is why it is not advisable for higher levels.